Monday, July 30, 2012

A Miscellaneous Monday

Today has been a pajama day for me. Partly because I didn't have anywhere I had to go today and partly because some Mondays simply require pajamas as a recovery mechanism from Sunday. Pajama days do the body (& soul) good!

We had a pretty normal morning routine... work out, shower (then back in my PJ's), breakfast, TV time for boys/ Bible time for Mom, and Caedmon's reading lesson. We I had a summer goal of getting through all of the 100 reading lessons. It doesn't look like we'll be completely done by the time that school officially starts, but we did Lesson 76 today and still have a few weeks left, so I'm pretty happy about that. Happy may not be the word Caedmon would use to describe reading lessons.

After our morning routine, the Littles and I hung a few pictures, made 2 different variety of smoothies which we turned into popsicles, and baked a loaf of banana house smells like banana bread right now. Mmmmm!

We also attempted to play Super Heroes, but I have determined that it is quite impossible for Caedmon's Super Hero alias to ever be defeated because he constantly invents new super powers to trump whatever attack Sammy & I throw his way. "Your goo won't stick on me because I'm wearing my cape and nothing gets through my cape." "I can walk across that hot lava because my boots are hot lava proof." It's truly a problem...

Also, joining the randomness of this Monday would be the fact that 10 (TEN!) turkeys walked across my front yard just moments ago. If that ain't "Silicon-Valley Living" then I don't know what it!

We had a big day yesterday. Andy preached an amazing and redemptive message about rising again from our past. If you missed it, it should be posted here later today.

Then, last night we had South Bay's summer interns over for dinner. This is the first summer that we've had any type of official internship, but it has been an awesome experience. We had 9 talented, servant-hearted, hard working, high-capacity guys & girls to be a part. They contributed so much to the ministry of South Bay this summer, and from what they shared over dinner last night, it seems that they felt equally blessed by the experience.

And what intern dinner would be complete without a little Michael Jackson and impromptu dance lessons from Jamie? Sorry I don't have any pictures of that...I was too busy groovin'.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our summer interns who have served their hearts out and made a significant eternal investment of their lives:
And, thank you also to Tim who has served as their fearless leader!

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