Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation Rewind: Part 2

After spending time in South Carolina with my family, we headed up to Michigan (14 hour car drive!!) to see Andy's family. These are the highlights from our time with Andy's mom.

Giant cookie cake in honor of Caedmon & "Sam"
made by their awesome Aunt Jamie 

Good lookin' Andy with his good lookin' brother, Josh   

The beloved Aunt Jamie with Samantha & Aiden 

Sammy went go-cart racing with Uncle Josh 
(sorry the pic is so dark!)

We went to a glorified, adult version of Chuck-E-Cheese complete with go-carts, miniature 
golf, and laser tag. Pete, Andy's cousin, and his family drove 2.5 hours to hang out with us!! 

Spent a day at Lake Michigan. So beautiful. Of course, we had to do the obligatory 
burying someone in the sand. Andy's brother, CJ, let us bury him! 

What is a day at the beach without ice cream? 

 There was a pier that people were jumping off of into 65 degree water. Andy took the plunge.

He's taken. He's mine.  

This is us trying to convince Caedmon to jump off the pier (about 10-12 feet). 

We finally convinced him when we said we'd give him $5 if he did it! He loved it! 

Andy & Caedmon with Nanny 

Andy with his cousin, Mariah 

Uncle Josh & Aunt Jamie with the boys 

Uncle CJ with the boys. I could not get them to put their tongues away! 

Andy and his mom

Fun times!!! Check back tomorrow for one final post from our visit with Andy's dad's side of the family!

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