Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Rewind: Round 3

Our final leg of the Tour de Family was with Andy's dad's side of the family, starting in Brighton, Michigan. Hope you enjoy the pics...

Riding in the tractor with Papa
Mimi & Papa's house is being renovated so it's a full-on construction site right now! 

Andy really wanted to show me Northern MI, which is gorgeous in the summertime.
His aunt & uncle own a home up there so we all drove up to spend a couple days with them.
Lots of cousins for the boys to have fun with! 

This is Oscar. Caedmon called him "Oscar the Grouch" but I'm not sure that he liked that! 

Lily & Amelia 


Look past the ice cream covering his face to notice Caedmon's first missing tooth. 

Ferry ride to Mackinac Island 

Mackinac Island is a beautiful, quaint town off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You have to take a ferry to get there and there are no cars on the island, only bikes and horse & carriage. 

Denise & Pete (aka Mimi & Papa)
We enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the lake. 

Mmmm... fresh smoked salmon and Michigan white fish with all the fixin's  

Caedmon thinks it is hysterical to try to kiss us on the lips. 

It is required by law (well, almost) that you eat fudge when you go to Mackanac. They are 
famous for it. We showed up just in time to watch how they make it. YUM!! 

The kiddos discovered a "lost treasure chest" on the beach! 

Caedmon transformed himself into "Clay-Man" 

Andy & his sister Danielle were about to get their heads torn off by the boys during a chicken fight. 

The Stolman Family
Brad was Andy's best friend in high school. Brad & Lisa were college sweet-hearts just like Andy & I were. So the 4 of us have been friends since then, were at each other's weddings, and have celebrated our growing tribes of boys. We always try to prioritize seeing them when we make it to Michigan!

So, folks, those are the highlights from the 2012 Wood Tour de Family. We racked up 10,000 sky miles and put 2,300 miles on my grandmother's car, with a 5 year old and 3 year old traveling companions. Over the course of our vacation we changed sleeping location 7 times, spent time with 42 different family members, and ate more dessert than should be legally allowed. So many wonderful memories.

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