Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation Rewind

We have just arrived home from a Tour de Family and I have about 700 pictures (literally) to share with you. After trying very hard to pick out only the best, I've still got over 250. Hmmmm... I guess I'll just have to hit the highlights and some of the cuteness will be for my eyes only.

So here are some of the highlights from our time in South Carolina with my side of the family.


Tractor riding with Pops 

A trip to Fort Jackson. "Soldiers! Attention!" 

2 beautiful ladies... the oldest and youngest in our family 

Wrestling in the pool with Uncle Kevin 

Ready, set, JUMP! 

My beautiful sister-in-love, Laura, with Baby Taylor 

 First skiing lesson with Uncle Kevin

 JJ's turn to drive the boat with Uncle Steve

Water balloon and silly string war 

 A delicious dinner overlooking the lake

It was so special to get to be there for Taylor's baby dedication 

 A trip to Monkey Joe's to get some energy out

 Pops knows what little boys love

 Skipping rocks at the pond


 Celebrating my Grandmother's 95th birthday

My sister, Stephanie, was so sick due to being in her 1st trimester of pregnancy.
This is one of my only pictures of her from the whole week and I fear it wasn't her best-vacation-ever.

The boys sang "Old McDonald" to Grandmother, 
prepared as part of the curriculum for Grand Camp 2012 

Who should I kiss first?!?!?

Bedtime stories with CC 

We also managed to fit in:
1- Andy's birthday party
2- Family pictures
3- Father's Day celebration
4- Caedmon's first tooth came out
5- and Sammy sported a 102 fever for 4 days. 

Besides Sammy's fever and Steph's constant nausea, there were so many wonderful memories made and fun times had. We are a blessed family!


mrs. mewie said...

What a beautiful family and amazing photos!!
Love seeing the boys having so much fun with your folks, where are you in these pics? ;)

Stacie said...

Thanks, Mindy! We had a great time. I'm hardly in any pictures because I'm always behind the lens!! :-)