Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation's over. Now what?

I've come to believe that the phrase, "We're going on vacation," requires additional clarification to get an accurate picture of what's really going on. In my experience there are at least 3 types of vacations. 

1- Relaxing (i.e. laying by a beautiful body of water somewhere tropical)
2- Sight seeing (i.e. a trip to New York or Italy)
3- Visiting Family (click here, here, and here, to see our most recent adventure)

Occasionally you can link two of those together, but rarely all three. 

Another thing I've noticed about vacation is that being out of normal routines makes it rather difficult to find times to read the Bible and work out on a daily basis. Those two activities are pretty high priorities around the Wood household, but when you only get to see your extended family for a handful of days a year, it feels kinda wrong to say, "Excuse me while I go spend an hour reading my Bible and then one more hour working out." When we're with our family we try to soak up every single minute we get with them. There's a time and season for everything...

So, needless to say, both Andy & I were hurtin' for some time alone with God by the time we got home. Andy told me that he was going to begin his quiet time that first morning by saying, "Hi, Jesus. It's me, Andy. Do you remember me?" :-)

Vacations are wonderful and needed and should be embraced with the tightest bear hug you can muster up. It's okay to break from normal disciplines and routines. You can eat that dessert. You can sleep in without guilt. You can stay up late laugh laughing your head off with your siblings or having heartfelt conversations with your parents. It's the richness of life. The cream. The stuff that makes the rest of life taste good and feel right. 

One more valuable truth about vacations... life is not intended to be lived as a vacation. 

When vacation is over, don't lament it. Get back at it! Jump back in with both feet to routines and disciplines and hard work. Eat healthy. Work out. Make time to invest in your relationship with God. Live life with vigor and focus and a purpose bigger than yourself. 

It may take a couple days to get all those vacation clothes washed, get groceries in the fridge, and find your rhythm again. But don't "blame it on vacation" for too long... you've got an abundant life to live!

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly! John 10:10 (NASB) 

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