Monday, October 15, 2012

A Marriage Getaway

This post is not intended to make anyone jealous...'s just too good not to share.

Marriage getaway. Lake Tahoe. Birthday weekend. 

Slow mornings at Starbucks. 

Reading for hours.  

A hike around Emerald Bay. 

Freedom. Joy. Fun. 

(I love Andy's expression.) 

An afternoon treat. Latte for Andy. Ice cream for me. 

Perfect fall weather. Breath-taking views. Rich conversations.

Movie watching. Dessert eating. Nap taking. Memory making.

It took planning and budgeting and the help of some awesome friends watching our kiddos. But it was a highlight of my year.

So thankful for my man. I'll roadtrip with you anytime, Baby!

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Jane in TX said...

Thanks for sharing your special weekend! May the joy, fun, & richness spill over into daily life for weeks & months to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!