Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful Day

We're in the thick of a unit on turtles right now... we went on a turtle hunt (and found one!). 

Nothing beats a picnic on a beautiful day! 

Free to roam, explore, and be boys. 

This made me a little nervous and I almost stopped him. But then I thought, 
"What's the worse thing that could happen?" He could have fallen into the 
muddy water 3 feet below and we'd have gone home soggy. Fortunately 
that didn't happen, but the fun and adventure far outweighed the risk!

Caedmon was all about climbing that day which inspired some funny 
comments like, "Mom, I may have the spiritual gift of balancing." And, 
"Mom, do you think I could be in the circus when I grow up?" 

My precious Sammy. 

Caedmon said, "Mom, I just thought of one more pose. Take another picture of me."
So here ya go, Folks. 

Beautiful day. Beautiful park. Beautiful children.
Blessed life. 

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