Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An apple a day...

We've been studying about apples this past week during homeschool and, lucky for us, California grows lots of apples. So last Friday we took a Family Fun Fieldtrip to an awesome apple orchard. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to check it out, you better go quick because this weekend is the last weekend for apple picking this season.

Get ready for picture overload. I just couldn't resist (and the Grandparents wouldn't want me to!).

 This photo was taken by Caedmon. Not too shabby, eh?
 This photo was taken by Sammy. We'll put it in the "needs improvement" category.

 Of course, you can't go apple picking (or anywhere!) without 
spontaneously erupting into a sword fight.
Check out the gorgeous backdrop.

We got a little over-zealous with our apple picking and got more than our $20 budget 
that we had set. Had to rob Caedmon's wallet for additional cash! (Don't worry, 
I'll pay him back.) 

Unbelievable. The smell was intoxicating. Andy & I did share one piece with 
Caedmon and 1/2 a piece with Sammy. The rest we ate ourselves after 
the boys were in bed. Don't judge us. :-) 

It was such a perfect family day. One of those times that I could hardly keep myself from busting out with Edwin McCain's lyrics: "These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive. These are the moments I'll remember all my life. I've got all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more."

And goodness knows, every mother with young kids needs moments to feel like that.

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