Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homeschooling: October Review

We've been busy around the Wood Academy of Awesomeness. This month we focused on three main units: apples, turtles, and the five senses. Here are some snapshots of what we did.


Starting at the top left and going clockwise:
1- I put a bunch of apples of 4 different varieties in a bag. Without looking, the kiddos took one out and had to determine which kind it was: red delicious, granny smith, gala, or golden delicious.
2- We made a graph to show the number of different kinds of apples we had.
3- We made/tasted different kinds of homemade apple juice. I love how engaged & excited Caedmon appears to be in this photo. Surprisingly enough, no one said, "Wow, Mom, what a cool experience! Thanks for going to all the work to let us make apple juice!" Oh well.
4- We made homemade applesauce. SO GOOD! At least Andy and I thought so.
5- We had an awesome time going apple picking as a family. More photos here.
6- Our "Words to Remember" for this unit were: "If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit." We made a Fruit of the Spirit apple tree and I tried to catch them displaying different qualities and make a big deal about it.

(not pictured)
- diagraming apples
- learning about Johnny Appleseed


1- We made turtle sandwiches for lunch. Caedmon loved this and requested Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sandwiches the next day. I made them, but that was a one-time-only event because it took me FOREVER!
2 & 3- We painted paper plates and made turtles.
4- We went turtle hunting at a local park and actually found one!
5- We acted out being a turtle and going into our "shell" when predators would come.
6- Caedmon learned a turtle poem and was able to put each line in the right order in a pocket chart.

Our "Words to Remember" for the turtle unit were: "I don't give up. I persevere." We read/discussed  "The Tortoise and the Hare". And pictured above is Caedmon racing around our backyard without hinderance and then again with hinderances. It was pretty comical. We discussed the meaning of how the Bible teaches us in Hebrews that we should throw off anything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles us so that we can run this race with perseverance.


1- Sense of touch: determine what's in the bag without looking.
2- Sense of smell: Sammy trying to identify soap by using only his sense of smell.
3- Sense of taste: Kids blindfolded and holding nose try to identify various foods (carrots, apples, cheese, bread, bananas)
4- Sense of taste: Dropped different liquids on tongue to determine if it was sweet (sugar water), salty (salt water), or sour (water with lemon)
5- Sense of smell: Caedmon trying to identify grass. I also gave them cinnamon, cologne, fresh basil, lemon, and onion.

(not pictured)
- sense of hearing: dropped various objects on floor while their eyes were closed. They had to guess what the noise was.
- sense of sight: tried to draw picture & write their names with eyes clothes.

Our "Words to Remember" for the 5 Senses unit were "God made us WONDERFUL!"


1- Finger painting to classical music. I love how this picture shows their personalities... 2 seconds in Caedmon was covered in paint while Sammy starts off slow and easy.
2- We talked about how God gives each person unique physical features. We used yellow, red, black, and white paint to try to make the exact color of our various skin tones. I was pretty impressed by their ability to mix paint.
3- Sammy forming the letter Pp with unifix cubes.
4- Caedmon working on math.
5- More finger the end Sammy got his hands dirty too. Just a little slow to warm. Notice that now the backs of Caedmon's hands are also covered in paint!

Reading: Caedmon has TWO more lessons to go in his "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" book. We will both be thrilled to have completed that!

Math: Caedmon is flying through the Math You See Primer book. It's honestly way too easy for him and I'm trying to speed through it to get to the next level book. AND, Sammy can count to 12. Huge progress, People!

Spanish: We watch "Language Tree" Spanish Level 1 DVD every day. So far we've been learning greetings, family members, colors, numbers, and a few other phrases and vocabulary words.

How much time do we devote to all this homeschool stuff? 4 days a week, 2-3 hours a day.

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