Friday, October 17, 2008

Families Who Run Together...

We've all heard the popular phrase (or perhaps read it on the cross-stitched doily in your grandmother's bathroom) "Families who pray together stay together." Well, I've adapted it slightly into a different, but equally true statement. My motto of the day is: "Families who run together have fun together!"
Andy and I both enjoy (relative term) running and have since before we got married. It was something that we used to do together when we were dating and it has continued (sporatically) in marriage. We have some great conversations while we run and really enjoy that time just being together. It's something that we both naturally have an interest in, so why not do it together?
Now, I am well aware that not everyone would put running in the "Things I Really Enjoy" category, so I would never suggest that the inverse of the motto would be true: "Families who DON'T run together DON'T have fun together." The thought of running may be absolutely no fun at all. But I would encourage you to find some sort of hobby that is mutually enjoyable for you and your spouse to do together. Working on something/ accomplishing something TOGETHER builds a spirit of teamwork, friendship, and comradarie. One marriage book I recently read put it this way, "While women tend to need face to face time; husbands desire shoulder-to-shoulder time." Just do something fun with him! What a concept!
So, in my book, it's important not only for families to PRAY together, but also to PLAY together! Let's go have some fun!

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