Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Your Choice...

Yesterday, for Family Day, Caedmon was very whiny. Yes, it's true, not every Family Day ends up with us leaping through meadows while holding hands and singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music"! We are really working with Caedmon on using a "pleasant voice" when he speaks to us, but I'm gathering that it's a difficult concept for a two year old.

We were on our way home from the park and Caedmon was whining. None of the, "Gee, Mom and Dad, thank you so much for taking me to the park. I've noticed that every Family Day you do something that I would think is fun. You guys are the best parents!" Yeah, none of that. Whining. Finally I had had enough and I said to Caedmon (who was whining for raisins) "Caedmon if you will stop whining, Mommy will give you some grapes for your lunch when we get home. If you do not stop whining, Mommy will give you a spanking when we get home. Grapes or a spanking. The choice is yours."

Not realizing that this was a rhetorical proposition just meant for contemplation, Caedmon responds, "Hmmm...grapes."


marci said...

Hey Stacie,
I understand the feeling. I found a great web site that addresses that issue (and many more). FamilyLife Today
the title is: No More Whining; Friday Aug. 29 by Ginger Plowman. Check it out.

Karis said...

Caedo made a smart decision!

Shannon said...

Good choice, Caedmon. :)

Oh...I LOVE Ginger Plowman! I have her book "Don't Make Me Count to Three" and it has been my favorite parenting book so far.

Stephanie said...

I guess he stopped whining...we have a lot of that w/Lucy these days. I love Ginger too, and "Don't Make Me Count To Three" is great!