Monday, October 27, 2008

My Jog Stroller

I have a love/hate relationship with my jog stroller...Today the feeling is mostly hate. Typically I am not an outdoor runner. The jog stroller was more for Andy's benefit as I tend to prefer the climate controlled treadmill where I can program how long and how fast I want to run, and most importantly, it's always flat! Actually I'm pretty much a wimp if the conditions are not absolutely perfect. For me to run outside it has to be flat with the temperature somewhere between 50-80 degrees. (I do not like to break a sweat!) However, our apartment complex has a great running track on the perimeter which is a little over a mile long. It's flat, paved, and well lit. Combine that with the amazing California weather and it's pretty enticing to get outside and run, so our jog stroller has been getting a lot of use since we've been here.

The jog stroller has been getting worse and worse. It's one of those three-wheeled strollers with bicycle tires that are supposed to roll really easily. Well, our poor little guy has seen better days. The front wheel has completely fallen off three times now! The tires are out of alignment so you have to keep redirecting the stroller every few feet or you will be in the bushes. Today, it was so bad that I had to run the entire time with the front wheel in the air! (not exaggerating) I'm sure I looked insane trying to run while balancing my stroller on two wheels! But every time the front tire touched down the stroller made a hard left turn. Needless to say, I only made it one lap today and have resolved to just do workout DVDs (with the blinds closed) until I get it fixed. Argh!!!

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Karis said...

LOL~ Sorry... I should have some compassion and not laugh, but you made me laugh, Stacie! Love you!