Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love our staff!

When Andy and I decided to move cross-country to California, the most painful aspect of that choice meant moving so far away from both of our families. It can be quite lonely and difficult to raise children without the support of family. That is why we felt so incredibly thankful that the Jackson and Santos families decided to move with us! Our staff team is becoming more and more like family every week. Caedmon calls both couples "Aunt" or "Uncle" and he loves them dearly.

This week Andy had to go out of town for a church planters gathering. And I just have to brag on how my friends have taken care of me. Yesterday afternoon I was trying to figure out what Caedmon and I would eat for dinner. I knew I wasn't going to cook a meal because Caedmon wouldn't eat it anyway. So I had resigned to pretty much do a repeat of lunch. A few minutes later, Mandy called to invite us over to their house for dinner!

Also, all the ladies from South Bay Church were getting together for coffee last night but I had not planned on going since Andy wasn't home to stay with Caedmon. But then Rebekah called and said, "Archie said he'd come over and put Caedmon to sleep so that you could come with us!" Wow! Those two gestures of kindness reminded me so much of what family would do for each other. I am so blessed!

So Caedmon had a great time with "Uncle Awchie" as they played with his firetruck, watched Boz, and ate Teddy Grahams. That won Caedmon over for life! When Caedmon woke up this morning I went in to get him and he immediately started asking for "Uncle Awchie". "Uncle Awchie in living room? Uncle Awchie in living room?" Watching my child fall in love with our staff makes me love our staff even more!

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Sanders said...

Awe! What a fun picture! I love the little girl's sunglasses! You need to get Caedmon some cool glasses. Miss you!