Sunday, October 19, 2008

I temporarily lost my mind

I had been needing to make a Walmart run all week, but just couldn't find the time. So last night I decided to try to squeeze one in after Caedmon's nap before dinner. Wouldn't you know that there were a million people there. Caedmon and I braved the crowds and fought our way to the Halloween costume section (where everyone seemed to be swarming). We found a cute little knight in shining armor costume and then proceeded to shop for the rest of our needed items. I finally made it to the check out line, scanned and bagged all of our merchandise, and...oh my gosh, I have no method of payment! My debit card was in the back pocket of my pants from the night before and I didn't have my checkbook for some reason. I was mortified. Actually more frustrated and disappointed than embarrassed. So Caedmon and I came home empty-handed...(sigh). That is the first (and hopefully the only) time I have ever done that!

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