Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Pictures!

Caedmon had a very happy, and seemingly, never-ending 3rd birthday! We had a small party for him the Saturday before his birthday (only invited 4 friends because I didn't want it to be overwhelming for him). The pictures below are of that party. But the celebration did not end there. His actual birthday was last Tuesday so we spread out his presents over several days. Since all of our family lives out of town, Caedmon received presents in the mail all last week. Every time we went to the mailbox he asked if there was another present for him...and there usually was!

Birthday parties are intended to make the birthday child so happy. I was really pleased that Caedmon seemed to have a great time at his party!

Borrowed a few toys from "Bay Kids"!
(Perks of being a pastor's kids, I guess.)

Sharing goldfish with Daddy.

Pinata time!

Caedmon got some awesome presents.
3 years old is such a fun age.

Elmo cupcakes in honor of our Sesame Street theme.

It only took 3 tries to blow out 3 candles.

Everyone in anxiously awaiting those cupcakes!

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