Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More pics of Caedmon

Caedmon (and I) have been enjoying all of his cool new toys that he got for his birthday. Here's a few snapshots of him having fun!

Caedmon's "Grandma Marcy" gave him a bike for his
birthday! Andy & I picked out the "Cars" bike, but it was
too small. So, we took Caedmon back to the store and he
chose a "Diego" bike.

It looks like Toys-R-Us exploded in our living room!
Here Caedmon is playing with his new dump truck from
Nico, his train set from Renan, and his dinosaurs from
Lily & Cailyn.

Did someone call for a doctor?

Caedmon LOVES his finger paint from CC & Pops!
I love that the paint is clear and only changes color on
that special paper.

Caedmon got two new puzzles from Mimi & Papa.
Not sure why he wore his helmet all day that day.

These adorable rain boots are from Uncle Teve
& Aunt LaLa. It is difficult to convince him to
wear anything BUT these shoes now!

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Vanessa said...

He is so BIG! and SO handsome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!