Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The God Who Sees

My times are in Your hands;
I know Your Word is true.
You've always got a plan
So I can trust in You.

To me the plan seems blurry;
My faith's tossed like a wave.
But Your faithfulness gives me hope,
Through You I can be brave.

You are the God who sees
     You see every tear I cry
You are the God who hears
     Every time I ask You, "Why?"

Although my heart is aching
I know Your promises are true.
As I stand here in Your presence
I can't help but worship You.

No weeping You can't turn to joy.
No pain deeper than Your grace.
So I'm running to Your arms,
I collapse in Your embrace.

As You hold me close to You
You whisper truth into my heart.
You breathe life into my brokenness
And all my fears fall apart.

You are the God who sees
     You see every tear I cry.
You are the God who hears
     Every time I ask You, "Why?"

You are the God who knows
    You know the purpose through the pain
You are the God who moves
     In Your power You will reign

I lay my disappointment at Your feet
You gently lift up my head.
I remember all You've done for me
And I take up Your joy instead.

I trust in You.


Cristine said...

Beautiful! Did you write this? God's plans are high above ours...and they are definately good, perfect, and pleasant. We just have too much of limited view of it!

Stacie said...

Hey Tine! Yes, I wrote that poem this week. Sometimes God speaks to me through writing. Hope you and Tiago are having a good week!

Brad Wrage said...

Love this.

Brad Wrage said...

You wrote this?! Amazing.