Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adoption Update: good news & not the best

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The good news is that we received an update saying that Flash is doing well and has recovered from his upper respiratory track infection! Yea!! I'm so thankful to know that he is at the Transition Home where he is receiving good care by a pediatrician and loving nannies.

The "not-the-best-of-news" is that there has been another delay. We thought that we would be traveling to Ethiopia for court sometime later this month. However, we had a conference call with our adoption agency last week that informed us that the Ethiopian court is now requiring a birth certificate for every orphan that applies for court. The problem with that is that virtually no Ethiopians have birth certificates...much less orphans. So this new requirement means that the adoption agencies are having to apply with the local government where each orphan was born to get them to issue a birth certificate. Because we are among the first caught in this new requirement, our agency is unsure how long the process will take. Our agency is hopeful that we will be able to travel for court in July.

This is a really big deal timing-wise, though, because the Ethiopian court closes every year for about 45 days or so during August-September. Many families do not pass court on their first court date. So if we do not pass court in July, we will have to wait for court to reconvene in late September/October.

PLEASE, PLEASE pray that we will get that birth certificate quickly and that we will be able to pass court smoothly. It is so difficult for me to know that I have a little boy living in an orphanage day in, day out...and I'm not allowed to go get him.

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