Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are a go!

We got a phone call this morning at 7:36 saying that the Ethiopian judge confirmed our July 8th court date. We were also informed that we have to BE IN Addis by Monday which means that we're actually going to have to leave here on Saturday! (FOUR DAYS!)

By 8:15 AM Andy, Caedmon, and I were at the travel health clinic to receive our vaccinations. (no shots for Caedo as he'll be staying stateside.) The travel clinic is the place where they try to convince you that you are likely to die from some strange, exotic disease if you travel outside the protective walls of the United States of America. DO NOT drink the water, DO NOT eat from street vendors, DO NOT share needles with the locals, and for heaven's sakes, WEAR BUG REPELLENT!!! or you may die, of course.

We left there 2 hours and $500 later.

Caedmon & I dropped Andy off at the office where he has been trying to juggle staff meetings with scheduling a rather complicated international flight that will commence 4 days from now. No pressure or anything.

Caedmon & I headed off to Costco where we bought a load of granola bars, fruit snacks, baby wipes, and other donations.

We are making progress, but we still need prayers to help us get this flight nailed down. It's the biggest piece of the puzzle that still needs to fall into place.


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