Thursday, June 10, 2010

Both of my little boys are sick (again)

Yesterday, Caedmon woke up very happy and playful. I was looking forward to a great day with him, but around 9:00 he started complaining that his head was hurting. By 9:45, it had developed into a 102 degree fever and by last night he was coughing and wheezing so badly he nearly threw up. It absolutely breaks my heart when Caedmon is sick. My world pretty much stops turning, or at least my axis becomes Caedmon and everything revolves around him.

This morning I received another email from our adoption agency informing us that our son in Ethiopia has (again) come down with an Upper Respiratory Track Infection (URTI). He had this a couple weeks ago, was treated, and then was said to be doing fine. But he's back on meds now. Poor baby.

Both of my boys are receiving great health care. But only one of my sons knows that he's the center of someone's world. Please join me in praying for them both.

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