Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're leaving on a jet plane!

The great news is that Andy was able to get our flights nailed down yesterday! Here's our travel schedule in brief:
  • We are leaving on Saturday from San Francisco at about 1:00. Caedmon will be with us on this leg of the flight.
  • We will arrive in Salt Lake City where Andy's sister, Meaghan, lives. We will all spend the night at Meaghan's house and then Andy & I will leave at the crack of dawn the next morning.
  • We then fly from Salt Lake to Chicago, Chicago to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Addis Ababa. 
  • We will arrive in Addis Ababa at 6:50 PM on Monday which is 8:50 AM California time.
It's really neat how it worked out to take Caedmon to Salt Lake...Andy's family came out to visit us at Easter a few months ago. I was sharing with Meaghan the news that we had just received about having to travel to Ethiopia twice and I wasn't sure what we'd do for Caedmon on the first trip. Meaghan immediately said, "I could help. Maybe I could come out to stay with him."

Meaghan has a little girl, Olivia, who Caedmon absolutely adores. In fact, I believe the feeling is quite mutual! So, I thought that would be a great idea.

When we found out our tentative court date on Friday, we gave Meaghan a call and found out that she wouldn't be able to come out here because her mom (Andy's stepmom) and sister had already purchased flights to go to Salt Lake that week. Bummed for two seconds then, "Hey, could you bring Caedmon to us?"

I'm not sure why that idea hadn't crossed my mind, but it makes a whole lot more sense. I had actually been feeling quite bad about asking Meaghan to come to our place where she doesn't know anyone and doesn't know how to get around. It makes so much more sense to take him there!

SO, it "just so happens" that Caedmon will get to spend a whole week getting loved on (and maybe slightly spoiled) by his Mimi, Aunt Meaghan, and Aunt Danie. And a whole week playing with, "fighting" with, and making memories with his sweet cousin, Olivia! Only God could have worked that one out!

Today schedule:
  • Bank for travel money 
  • Trader Joe's for travel snacks 
  • Target for last minute supply run 
  • Lunch at the playground with two sweet friends 
  • Pick up my friend, Kim, from the airport (We scheduled this visit two weeks ago and thought there was no way we'd be traveling to Ethiopia on such short notice! Oops!) 
  • Dollar Store for a few more donations 
  • Youth Group tonight


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Anonymous said...

Hi Stacie,
So glad that things are coming together for you and your sweet family. Praying for God's continued guidance and blessings for you all.