Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday, Andy & I received a phone call from our adoption agency telling us that we have a tentative court date of July 8th (12 days from now!). They will hopefully get that confirmed by Monday and then we will be leaving the following Monday! Ahhhhhh!

SOOOO excited! SOOOOO much to do!

The count down to meeting our precious boy is on!  Once we pass court we will be able to share his beautiful pictures with all of you! Please pray for us as we prepare to travel. We are in the process of working out arrangements for Caedmon, plane tickets, vaccinations, etc... A lot to get done in one week!

I will try my best to keep you posted!


shauna said...

Let us know how we can help and how we can pray. Continuing to pray for his little heart to have no fear and to openly receive your love.

Mary said...

That's so exciting! I have butterflies for you.

Janelle said...

We are praying for you!!!