Friday, August 13, 2010

Cutie Caedmon

Caedmon keeps me laughing with all of his funny antics. Here are a few candid shots of gotten the past couple weeks:
Caedmon is "Captain Underwear". He is really into making swords 
with his Uncle Fi. This sword is called his "Good Guy Sword".

One day Caedmon really wanted to go swimming but it was too cold outside. (I know, I know, too cold in August? That's California for ya.) So Andy suggested that he go swimming in the bath tub. When I walked in the bathroom, this is what I saw...complete with swim suit and floatie!

Caedmon loves pirates. 
I tried to teach him to say, "Arg, Matey, walk da plank." 
But instead he says, "Arg, Mavey, walk to plank." It's pretty darn cute!

Love that kid!

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