Wednesday, August 18, 2010

World Travels Update #2

The past two days have been quite full. When I arrived in Addis on
Tuesday, Robel picked me up at the airport and took me to a restaurant
where we met up with the rest of the families (I was the last one to
arrive). After lunch we went to the Transition Home for “Gotcha Day”!
There was a small ceremony as the staff formally handed us our
children and we read aloud a statement of commitment to care for our
children. (I cried when I read mine.)

We stayed at the Transition Home for about an hour/an hour and a half
before heading over to the older kids Transition Home. I’m not exactly
sure why we all went to that one. I think it was perhaps to allow some
of the older children being adopted to say goodbye to their friends
and nannies. It was nice to see, though. There are some really amazing
kids there who still don’t have families. Maybe someone reading this
post should pursue adopting one of them!

We were traveling in 3 different vans because there are so many
families. The van I was in broke down on our way back the Yebsabi
Guest House. It was no big deal and another van was there to pick us
up shortly. Wondimu was fascinated by the van ride…pointing at
everything, babbling, and making noises. But after a while I think it
was a little too much for him to take in. He laid his head down on my
chest and was so still and quiet that I thought he fell asleep. But he
was just taking it all in.

When we got to the Yebsabi Guest House Wondimu and I went upstairs to
begin unpacking. He just toddled around looking at everything. So
curious! He ate like a champ at dinner time (lasagna), which I was
thrilled about. After dinner I gave him a bath (which he loved), got
his PJ’s on him, and put him to sleep. It felt so good to have that
sweet boy sleeping in the same room with me.

Today was Embassy day and all the families here made it through
without any glitches! I was so relieved when that was over. I think I
was just really paranoid that something would be wrong with my
paperwork and Andy wouldn’t be here to resign and give his approval.
But, it was easy and smooth. Wondimu will be receiving his passport
and IR4 visa on Friday!

Some things have been slightly tricky since I’m traveling alone, but
overall it has been a breeze. For example, one thing I was concerned
about was what I would do with Wondimu when I showered. I was nervous
that if I showered while he was asleep he might wake up and freak out
because I wasn’t there. Today I just put him in the crib that the
guest house gave us with a book and a couple toys. I pulled it close
to the bathroom and he could see himself in the mirror. He just waved
to himself and played the whole time I was getting ready. No tears and
no trying to climb out. Whew!! The other families here have been
really helpful, too. Helping me carry things, helping me fill out my
paperwork, sharing various supplies…America World families are truly
top notch!

I’m having a wonderful time with Wondimu. He is so full of life and
joy! I want to cherish every moment I have with him here in Ethiopia
this week.

Here a few pics for your viewing pleasure!! 


PitChiK said...

Stacie, he is beautiful! I haven't seen you or Andy since y'all were at UTA and it's so great to see how blessed your family is. I'm so glad this is going well for you.

Emily said...

He is beautiful!!!! So happy for your family Stacie :)

Ang said...

THIS little guy is so full of life and vibrancy! I just LOVE the twinkle in his eyes. He looks like he is going to be such a fun boy! My heart is so full for you today. :)