Thursday, August 5, 2010

Updates from Ethiopia

I have received a few emails & Facebook messages today about Wondimu from adoptive families that are in Ethiopia right now! Every piece of information that I hear is so special and treasured to me. The wait is getting harder and harder for me, so to get these emails and pictures was awesome. It really comforted me to see him smiling and know that he is happy and being loved on so much.

I could be totally biased and reading into these messages so much, but it seems to me that Wondimu absolutely captures every person's heart that he interacts with. This child is not running low on affection--either the giving kind or receiving kind. Here are a few of the messages below:
  • I saw your baby boy today! He is precious and was hanging out with Yonas.    
  • Stacie, Yonas and Jobe [two of our adoption agency's employees] are BOTH in love with Wondimu. They picked him up, held him, and loved on him every day when I was there!! They even let me hold Wondimu a couple of times! ;-)
  • Hi! My name is S* and my son Z* and your son Wondimu are best friends! It was hard to take any pictures of my son without yours right there with him! They are so adorable together!! So I have a few photos of them together playing through the window in their room at the transition home. And I have video of them playing and squealing and laughing. It will melt your heart!  In the photo called Jealousy, Wondimu climbed in my lap and hugged me, and my Z* had a fit. You can see he has thrown himself over my legs! He did not like sharing his mommy! I hope that it is okay that I have pictures of your son! He won us over!! My sister is with me for this trip and she has played with Wondimu every day while I played with my son. He is a doll! Everyone loves him! He is always so happy and smiling!  I will be sure to hug on Wondimu a lot also! He has taken to my sister, so the 4 of us play together. Today we rolled a ball around on the floor. Wondimu does so good with Z*. Z* doesn't like to share that much, and Wondimu is so good to sacrifice so that Z* isnt upset! 
Is it just me, or does it seem like we hit the JACKPOT when God picked Wondimu to be apart of our family?!?! I'm sure every parent feels that way, but I just feel abundantly blessed that Wondimu is OUR son!

Here's a few pics that were emailed to me today:

Wondimu is the one on the inside of the window.
Stealing all the love!
The sweetest face in the whole wide world... all decked out for Christmas dinner!
This is Wondimu and Yonas. I believe Wondimu has bonded quite a bit with him and Jobe. We will need to get good pictures of them to be able to show to Wondimu when we bring him home!

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Anonymous said...

So precious. Love little Wondimu. God Bless Him.