Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sammy's 1st Day at South Bay

We survived Sammy's first day at South Bay. It was a little overwhelming for him, but he did awesome. I can only imagine what must have been going through his mind. He's probably never been exposed to music that loud or all of the lights, etc... Also, so many friends wanted to meet Sammy and welcome him. I felt like everyone did a good job giving him space and no one tried to pick him up (which was good), but just having 100+ people shake your hand and say hi to you is a little overwhelming when your fresh out of an orphanage. I kept him in my sling most of the day and he clung pretty tight to me or Andy, but there were no tears and there were occasional grins. Here's a few pics from the day:


Filipe & Andy with their boys

 My beautiful friend, Sanli, with her son, Trevor. 
Trevor and Sammy are almost exactly the same age!

 Andy introduced Sammy at the end of the service.

South Bay had another record breaking day with 448 people in attendance!

We took the boys to Baja Fresh and the playground tonight.
Notice how short Caedmon's hair is. He took the liberty of 
giving himself a haircut while I was out of town last week!

We met an Ethiopian family at the playground and they live in our apartment complex! I'm so excited to get to know them. Andy asked them, "Could you tell he is Ethiopian?" They said, "From a mile away!"

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