Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Caedmon, 

In just a few days our world is about to change. We will welcome Wondimu into our family and you will suddenly become a big brother and I will become of mother of two! This is something that we have both longed for for quite some time. I know we are both ready for this, and so very excited!

But, before he comes, I just want to tell you how much I have treasured my time with you the past 4 years. I always thought that I wanted to have all of my kids really close together and I was so sad to watch you get older and older with no siblings on the way. But now I realize what an incredible gift God gave me to have you all to myself for nearly 4 years.

You have been my constant companion and my first consideration in every decision. I have been able to hold you as much as you want to be held (you are such a cuddler) and let you stay a baby longer without a younger one pushing you out of that position. Some people may say that's not good, but I say you will grow up soon enough. Soon enough.

I have had the great privilege of a front row seat to your every accomplishment in life. It amazes me to watch you grow and change and learn every day. If adults continued to learn at the same rate a child does between the ages of birth to 4 years old, we would all be geniuses. I'm so thankful that I've been apart of each discovery.

Bringing Wondimu into our family will be so good for you. You will have a playmate, someone to teach things to, someone to nurture, love, and protect. You will be a great big brother. Being a big brother will be good for you in other ways as will learn to share toys, to take turns, to not lose your temper when he messes up your things.

And, you will learn to share Mommy. This will be hard for you, I know. As much as we've tried to prepare for this moment, I know it will be hard for you to wrap your little mind around the fact that, just because I love Wondimu with all my heart does not mean that I love you any less. You see, with every new addition to our family, God makes our hearts grow. Our capacity to love grows. I don't have to divide my love between you and Wondimu, because God gives me the ability to love you with all my heart AND Wondimu with all my heart.

You are my precious. That never changes. If I took all the words for affection in the English language and put them together, that would still not scratch the surface of how I feel about you. And it blesses my heart to no end to see how much you love me.

Caedmon, you will be a great big brother. But you will always be my little boy.

I love you so,

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