Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ridiculous. Absolutely Ridiculous.

For those of you who were not able to attend South Bay's Christmas Eve service, you may have missed out on seeing this video. I need to warn is ridiculous. And there's really no point to it. But if you want a good laugh, you should totally watch it.

FYI...Andy is in the red Snuggie, Filipe (our associate pastor) is in the green, David (another associate pastor) is in the blue, and Archie (our worship pastor) is in the ever-so-lovely peace sign Snuggie. Archie is the one who wrote the rap (borrowing some from similar raps), shot the video, and edited everything. It's his voice you hear. There is also a special appearance from Renan (our executive pastor), Aimee (our children's director), Laura (Andy's admin assistant), and your's truly!

I Love Snuggies from South Bay Church on Vimeo.

So, I'll admit it...we own a Snuggie (it was a gift) and I secretly love wearing it. Honest. Does anyone else out there Snuggie? Time to come out of the closet!


Anonymous said...

My mom gave me one since she found them in AZ on clearance this past fall. I have yet to try mine. The video is very funny (we weren't in town for the Christmas Eve Service).
Thanks for sharing!
Candice Fassett

Stacie said...

Pull that thing out and wear it like there's no tomorrow! :-)

shauna said...

As we got into the bed tonight, Ben and I laughed our hearts out! Thanks for providing late night entertainment!!

Mary said...

hilarious. absolutely hilarious...I am the owner of a pink snuggie!