Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haircut Trauma

This morning, Caedmon came in our room very early and I could see through blurry eyes that he had cut his hair. Half of his head was down to the scalp! I immediately burst into tears and said, "Caedmon, what did you do? Your hair looks horrible!!"

Andy said, "Don't say that. That's mean."

I said, "Caedmon, where did you find scissors?"

He replied, "I used the kitchen scissors."

Oh. My. Gosh. We walked out into the living room and hair was EVERYWHERE. Like it multiplied as it fell off his head. In the kitchen, all the cabinets were open and the dishwasher was open (also full of hair).

I said to Andy, "Don't start cleaning up yet. I need to go get my camera."

But as I turned to get my camera, I woke up! HA! It was a dream nightmare. I wonder how many people won't make it to the end of this post and will think it actually happened.

However, in hopes of preventing further bad dreams, I did take Caedmon to get his haircut today at Super Cuts which is always a terribly disappointing experience for me. Unlike last time, I was able to hold it together this time and did not leave crying. But I was disappointed, nonetheless.

I don't know if I just do a horrible job explaining the look I'm hoping for or if they just do a horrible job implementing my vision. But there is a major disparity between the haircut I have in my mind and the haircut Caedmon ends up with. Lucky for me, Caedmon couldn't care less what his hair looks like and it just thoroughly satisfied with the lollipops he gets for "sitting still" in the chair. He doesn't even notice that one side of his bangs comes down a good half inch lower than the other side...

 He's still adorable...but not quite the look I was going for!

Does anyone out there have a good recommendation of where to take kids to get their hair cut?


Stephanie said...

We have gotten good haircuts for the boys at Cubby Cuts in Mtn. View. It is a bit pricey, but the haircut is actually very good. Also, down in South San Jose near Oakridge Mall there is a children's haircutting salon. It is in the same shopping center as Olive Garden (Blossom Hill Rd.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacie,
You are such a wonderful mom and you are so pure at heart. I love reading your blog.Amazing job you have done. I learnt from Dr.Phil show that you get only as much as you communicate. So I have been taking pics form web pages to show the hairdresser what I would like to see at the end for my 10 yr Jason. I also end up crying. Before and JJ has lovely shiny hair. Congrats on your new baby boy. You are so lucky to have the 2 most beautiful handsome boys. God Bless and his light shine upon you everyday.Bharati Joseph