Monday, July 26, 2010


Today has been a fun day of preparation for bringing Wondimu home. Caedmon and I pulled out the boxes and tupperwares containing all of his old clothes. We sorted through what will fit Wondimu and began washing them to get them ready. It is all becoming VERY REAL that we are about to welcome another child into our home! I am SO EXCITED!

A couple days ago we got the following email from Yonas, one of our adoption agency's in-country guides. He was the sweetest guy and it comforts my heart to know that our son is interacting with such wonderful, loving people.

Dear Andy and Stacie Wood,
This is Yonas from America World.I hope you remember me.How are you doing?I am good.Well your wonderful kid Wendmu is doing great.As I promised to you I usually visiting him.He is a lovely boy.He missed you alot.I am taking care of him while I am in the transitional house.So you dont have to worry about him.I will give him a big kiss for you tomorrow. I hope I will see you soon.Take care.
Thank you, Yonas! Of course we remember you and we CAN HARDLY WAIT to see you again soon!

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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of Yonas!! I can assure you that Jobe is also loving on your son at the TH. Every time I was there to see Tigist, Jobe had Wendemu in his arms when he had the chance to pick him up. And Wendemu always looked SO HAPPY! Can't wait for you guys to get Embassy approval so you can bring him home!!
Missy and Brad Belote