Friday, July 9, 2010

Update from Ethiopia

We made it to Ethiopia after 31 hours and 36 minutes. It was a long trip, but it went so smoothly. All of our luggage made it and we are settled in at the Yebsabi Guest House. The accommodations here are more than adequate. They serve a delicious breakfast each morning that I have enjoyed way too much of! We do have internet here, but it is extremely slow and I’m not able to get on my blog at all. I can email, so I emailed my mom and she is posting this for me.

Yesterday we met our son for the first time. It was a priceless, one-time-only event. We were able to spend about 3 hours with him. After spending time with him, we think he is closer to 18 months than 2 years old (which is how old his paperwork estimates him to be). He was very quiet and didn’t move around much during our first afternoon with him. He didn’t cry at all, but we could tell he didn’t feel all that comfortable. We played with him and fed him his bottle (they still have him on formula at 18+ months!) and supper. He took about an hour to drink his bottle, though I think it was more of a security thing for him. He just laid in our arms and stared up at us as we talked to him.

Today he was a different little boy. He was playful and laughing…such a sweet sound. He moved around a lot more but was still quite content just to sit in our arms. He finished his bottle today in about 15-20 minutes and was ready to play some more. I can’t wait to post all of our pictures of him! He is gorgeous.

Tomorrow morning is our court appointment (Wednesday night for most of you). This is a really big deal as we have to pass court before we can proceed with the adoption. The main reason that people do not pass court on the first time is that there is a problem with the paperwork. We would truly appreciate your prayer regarding this today!

We will also likely meet our son’s birth mother tomorrow. There is so much we want to ask her and I’m sure the meeting will be very emotional for all of us. Please pray for this meeting that we hope to have with her.

I’m sorry that I’m not able to update my blog like I had hoped. I wasn’t sure what our internet options would look like here and it turns out it’s slower and more spotty than I had hoped. I am journaling everything and we have a gazillion pictures, so I will update you on all the details when we get home!

Thank you for praying for us!

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