Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interview with birth mom!

Wonderful, exciting news for the Wood family today: we are officially the proud parents of a precious Ethiopian little boy named Wondimu! We met with the judge this morning and she let us know on the spot that we were approved. I was so surprised that I burst into tears and just said a choked up, "thank you so much".

Wondimu's birth mother was there at court and we were able to spend time with her afterwards. I cannot even tell you how wonderful that time was. It was emotionally draining and there were many tears cried by both parties. But it was exactly what I hoped it would be. She didn't answer our questions as thoroughly as I had hoped. But we did get some valuable information that I know our son will treasure in years to come. Our translator explained to us that these birth families are often such simple people that questions that make perfect sense to us do not make sense to them.

After our interview, Wondimu's birth mother, Andy and I all went together to spend time with Wondimu. That time was so healing for her. She held him and fed him and we all played with him. We were all laughing together and adoring our son. A son who belonged to each of us. She was able to observe our interactions with Wondimu and see how much we love him. I honestly think she felt relieved to know that her son would be well cared for. We gave her pictures of us and our home which she kissed over and over.
I won't share all of the questions we asked because the interview lasted about 30 minutes. But there were three questions that stood out and I think it may touch your heart:
1- Describe the circumstances surrounding your decision to relinquish Wondimu.
She said that she is so poor that there were days that she could not even feed him. She cannot even provide for herself, much less her child.

2- Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do (I.e. Sing, do art, etc...)
She said "I like to pray."

3- Is there anything that you want us to instill in Wondimu or teach him?  She said, "I hope he learns to pray and that he worships God."

I think it is amazing that her greatest desire for Wondimu is our greatest desire as well.

We are so thankful for all of you who said prayers on our behalf. We hope that you will rejoice with us as there is one less orphan in the world tonight!


Lina said...

Love reading your updates, thank you so much for keeping us posted. Love you!

Tiffany said...

Oh wow, this just made me sob. So happy for you.

Janelle said...

Rejoicing with you!!! Can't wait to meet your second son.

Jamie Wood said...

I cried as soon as I saw your first post, and I should have known it wouldn't be the last that would make me gry. God is good and it is good to see proof yet again that He is very much a presence in Africa!!!

Vanessa said...

wow! i am so happy for your family! the questions and answers you shared with us are so powerful. what a blessing to share the same vision for wandimu! CONGRATS!