Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We made it home last night and, ahhhh, it is good to be home! All of our travels went so smoothly and it was a very joyful reunion with Caedmon. We were away from Caedmon for 10 days, which is three times longer than we've ever been away from him before. We were all having a hard time with it by the end.

Several people have asked me how it was to say goodbye to Wondimu and how I'm doing now. All I can say is that I can feel people's prayers. I know that many people have prayed specifically for us regarding this separation, and it is quite evident. I find myself constantly thinking of him, calculating what time it is in Ethiopia, and thinking of what he's probably doing that minute. Now that I know what he sounds like, and feels like, and smells like, my thoughts of him are much more vivid.

(getting tickled by his daddy)

We are praying for a quick Embassy appointment so that we can be reunited quickly and that we can get our family in one location. In the meantime, I will busy myself with making all the final preparations to welcome him home!

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Devoted to Missions said...

Hi Wood Family-
I am glad to hear you made it home safely. Keith and I enjoyed visiting with you over dinners at the Yebsabi. We will continue to follow your journey on your blog and pray for you. You can check out our adventures with Abenezer at