Saturday, July 3, 2010

Traveling Woes...

Well, today turned out a little differently than we planned.

The original schedule was:
10:30 leave for airport
1:05 flight departs for Salt Lake City
4:00 arrive in Salt Lake City, rent car, drive to Andy's sister's house
Evening: enjoy dinner, take showers, get to bed early for our 3:30 AM "wake up call"

Instead, our day ended up looking more like this:
10:30 leave for airport
6:00 flight departs for Salt Lake City
9:00 arrive in Salt Lake City, can't find luggage, rent car, drive to Andy's sister's house
10:30 rush to take showers and get in bed before midnight for our 3:30 AM "wake up call"

When our friends, Kendall & David, picked us up for the airport this morning all of our bags were packed and by the door.

Trash taken out, perishable food taken to a friend, AC turned off. Check, check, check. After loading up, we were off to the airport in their VERY full SUV.

When we arrived at the airport, we thought we'd be able to fit all our bags on one cart. We were mistaken!

At this point, we are feeling really good about life. We have crossed our t's and dotted our i's. Nothing can stop us now! Nothing but mechanical problems! We discovered our flight to Salt Lake was canceled due to mechanical problems and we would need to take the next flight which was leaving at 6 PM (5 hours after our original flight).

All I can say is "It could have been worse." Sure, there's not a whole lot of exciting and engaging activities for a three and a half year old in the airport for 6 extra hours. But we did our best...

We ate lunch, went exploring, found some fish in an aquarium, rode the Air Train to look at planes, and finally resorted to Bob the Builder and internet games for kids. We thought about going to see a movie but decided against it when we realized that BART tickets plus movie tickets were going to be over $60!

We're thankful that it happened on this leg of the journey and hopefully we won't have anymore hiccups along the way. At least today we didn't have any other connections we were supposed to make.

Thankfully, tomorrow Caedmon will get to sleep in and he'll get to enjoy 10 days of family vacation with aunts, cousin, and grandparents! Andy & I will probably be missing him a lot more than he'll be missing us!

Last night Andy & I stayed up until 11:30 PM after everything was packed up to make cards for Caedmon to open each day. We included some stickers and a photo of us in each card. Here are a couple examples for your viewing pleasure:

The things you do for your kids!

PLEASE PRAY that the rest of our trip goes smoother than today.


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