Monday, August 6, 2012

Movies, Ice Cream, & Tonsils

This morning my lil buddy, Caedmon, had his tonsils and adenoids removed...and thus commenced a week of "Movies & Ice Cream". Thankfully, a couple friends got us well stocked with movies the boys have never seen.

I snuck in some of my childhood favorites! 

The waiting room at 7:30 AM. Thank goodness for iPads & iPhones! 

A little brotherly movie time as he gets prepped.  

This is our anesthesiologist. He was pretty funny asking Caedmon, "So, do you smoke?" 
"Do you drink?" 
Whew! Sure am glad he answered all those questions correctly!

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are the two overgrown chicken nuggets that got us into this situation! Sorry if that grosses you out. I know, it's way TMI but I was a little shocked when I saw them. I said to the doctor, "Those look really big to me. Is that normal?" She said, "No. Those are huge. You did the right thing." Can you imagine having those in the back of a 5 1/2 year old's throat?! No wonder he snored like a lumber jack!

Coming out of anesthesia was not a pretty sight. Although all of the nurses assured me that it was quite normal, I had never seen Caedmon act like that and it was a little disturbing. Screaming, flailing around, totally disoriented... it was not cool. He finally settled down (a little) and watched a few more minutes of a movie until they released us. 

We're back home now where we intend to camp for the next week or so. My parents sent him an Angry Birds game to entertain him during his recovery. So far he's had two bowls of ice cream, applesauce, and some yogurt. We've already watched The Jungle Book and he's sleeping right now (thanks to the codeine). 

Here's to lots of snuggles, hibernating at home, and movies every day. Minus the pain, that sounds like a pretty fun week!


Tine said...

So glad everything went well Stacie! We went through something similar with Tiago when he went to surgery to be "circumcised" last year. The anesthesiologist asked him who was his favorite superhero and then said that he was going to appear after the mask was put on Tiago's mouth. So she counted down 3,2,1 and Tiago was out. (it helped him calm down because he was horrified of those masks). :-)
Hope he continues to recover well and man must he feel relieved to have those things removed! :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs to sweet Caedmon! Hope he gets to feeling better soon! Blessings to his Mom who will care for him! Love, Lisa