Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunday Morning: behind the scenes

If you attend South Bay Church, you probably know that I taught this past Sunday. We continued our "Heroes" message series and I taught on the life of Esther. What you most likely do NOT know is that, also on Sunday I:

  1. Had a moment of panic when I thought I had extremely bad body odor
  2. Cut my hair in my bathroom before church, and
  3. Got lost in the curtains and couldn't find my way off stage
On Sunday morning I was downstairs in our small office practicing my message while Andy was making breakfast. (Talk about role reversal!!!) Suddenly I started smelling onions. That's a really bad smell when you are in a small room with the door closed by yourself. It momentarily did not occur to me that Andy was sautéing some onions for an omelet, so I started smelling my armpits to see if it was me! I knew I was a little nervous, but I didn't think I was that sweaty! I was oh so relived when I realized that I was smelling breakfast and not my own body odor!

After breakfast I was brushing my teeth (to get rid of the onion smell, of course) when I noticed that my bangs looked too long. It is a huge pet-peeve of Andy's when my hair is covering my face while I'm on stage. This presented a big problem because my bangs weren't long enough to tuck behind my ear and I have very little skill when it comes to creative hair styling. So, I took a deep breath, got out some scissors, and tried to emulate what I had watched when the hairstylist cut my hair a couple months ago. I was, again, oh so relived that no one said to me on Sunday, "Oh, I see you're trying something new with your bangs!"

During the 2nd service as I turned to walk off stage, I suddenly found myself lost in a sea of black curtains. It felt like a horrible joke as I searched in vain for the doorway. I'm not sure if it could be seen from the audience, but it seriously felt like 10 extra seconds that I stood there trying to find the break in the curtain that I could slide behind. Awwww-kward!

So, that's a behind-the-scenes glimpse of my life of Sunday. Just keepin' it real, Folks!

By the way, if you would like to listen to the message click here.  

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Emily said...

Awe...haha! funny :)

You did an amazing job on Sunday though. Thanks for being so open to God and for sharing your heart. God really used your message to speak to me.