Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Tip of the Week: Plan what you eat.

There are lots of benefits to planning ahead of time what you will eat.

First, planning takes the stress out of deciding in the moment what to cook/eat. I never have to wonder at the last minute what I'm going to cook for dinner or prepare for breakfast and lunch. I just glance at the meal plan attached to my fridge.

Second, some people get really good at planning and it helps them save money because they can repeat certain ingredients. I, honestly, could never claim to be a frugal grocery shopper. But I have heard that planning is key to saving money. Somehow.

Third, planning ahead helps you make wise choices in food selection when you're "starving" or grumpy or just really in the mood for some chocolate. Andy often will even decide on what he'll order at a restaurant before he goes out to eat. That way he can jump online to look at the particular restaurant's nutrition information and make a good choice before he's sitting in the restaurant with all the tempting sights and smells surrounding him.

I realize that meal planning takes some time, but it is well worth the effort. Putting a little thought into it on the front end can really propel your desire to eat healthy.

Here's a sample meal plan for our family from this week. Most weeks are similar for breakfast/ lunch/ snacks. I change it up a bit, but I stick to a rhythm that works for us. This week we're having more smoothies than normal because it's one thing that Caedmon can enjoy after his surgery. Another note, a lot of evenings Andy & I will have another snack after dinner because we eat pretty early. We make popcorn, have a piece of fruit, or enjoy a frozen smoothie popsicle that I made earlier.

Breakfast- oatmeal with berries
Lunch- Egg salad, triscuits, apple, cheese
Snack- Yogurt
Dinner- Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs, salad
Breakfast- Fruit smoothie, whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter
Lunch- leftover barbecue sandwich
Snack- apple & popcorn
Dinner- Stirfry vegetables with pork and quinoa
Breakfast- Omelet, fruit
Lunch- Apple sandwiches with peanut butter and raisins, yogurt
Snack- cheese & crackers
Dinner- Vegetarian fajitas
Breakfast- oatmeal with berries
Lunch- smoothies, popcorn, celery with peanut butter and raisins
Snack- almonds or walnuts with raisins
Dinner- DATE NIGHT!!!!!
Breakfast- Whole wheat banana pancakes
Lunch- humus, carrots, cheese, apples, triscuits
Snack- banana with peanut butter
Dinner- quesadillas with leftover fajita veggies
Breakfast- smoothie, whole wheat toast w/ jam
Lunch- zucchini muffins w/ cream cheese, fruit
Snack- fresh veggies with hummus
Dinner- Parmesan crusted chicken, quinoa, green beans
Breakfast- Eggs, bacon, yogurt, fruit, whole wheat toast
Lunch- at church
Snack- yogurt
Dinner- ham & cheese quiche, fruit

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