Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Tip of the Week: Decide, Commit, Succeed

Those 3 words flash across the screen every time I play a P90X DVD. The principle is so good when it comes to fitness and overall wellness.

When I decided a few months ago to do another round of P90X, the decision had been a long time in the making. Andy & I did P90X one time before (a couple years ago) and so I knew the level of commitment it required. I didn't want to just kinda do it. If I said I was going to do it, I was diving in all the way.

I'm on Day 80 today and there have been SOOOO many days over the last few months that I wanted to skip my workout. But I knew I had made a commitment to myself to stick with this thing for the full 90 days. So, I was able to push myself through my unmotivation and have only missed 2 workouts (and one of those days I spent 8 hours cleaning my house which I think should count for something!). If, however, I had not made that commitment to endure for 90 days, I know that the number of workouts I would have gotten in would only be a shadow of that number.

My point is, if you decide that you want to "get fit" make a clear, measurable goal and commit to it. There are a zillion workout and "diet" programs out there. And if you really stick with the program the way they tell you to, you WILL see results. Most of us just hit a wall of unmotivation and give up way too early. When you've got a goal that you're shooting for, you are so much more likely to stay focused and hang in there.

But you have to decide. And then stick with it with all kinds of determination and stubbornness and ferocity. If you do that, no matter what nutrition plan or work out program you select, you will see huge results!

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