Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wood Academy of Awesomeness Launched Today! (kind of)

According to the schedule that our charter school gave us, our homeschooling was supposed to begin today. It really snuck up on me because I had in my mind that we would start school on the 20th (one week from today) when Santa Clara starts back. So when I opened my email 9 days ago to find the reminder email that we're supposed to start today, I had a small moment of panic. Last week I was in high gear trying to get everything ready to start today.

But, as life would have it, Andy woke up this morning with 102 fever and a raw throat. This provided the opportunity for us to take our first Field Trip of the school year to visit Urgent Care where Andy was diagnosed with Strep Throat. :-( So, much to his dismay, Andy is in bed instead of on his staff retreat as was the original plan. Poor guy...strep throat is the pits.

Caedmon is also sportin' a pretty sore throat from his tonsillectomy last week. So he requested that we not do anything that required him to "talk too much". I'm not sure if that was just his creative way of getting out of reading lessons today or if the pain is legitimate, but I guess I'll let him milk it for a few more days.

We did manage to get some other school-related activities done this morning and we had a fun time doing it. The boys are always motivated by something new and fresh (aren't we all?), so I've got that going for me right now. And after a week of laying around watching movies, I think we were ALL ready for a little more structure and productivity.

And we're off! Let the awesomeness begin...


Naomi Rae Karake said...

Hey Stacie, Naomi Karake I wanted to get in touch with you. I have some good teaching aids from my kindergarten Alpha and Omega packet.

Stacie said...

Awesome, Naomi! I would love to see what you have. We should get together sometime soon!