Thursday, August 23, 2012

That guy.

Sometimes I have moments when I look at Andy and a whole new wave of, "Man, I'm so glad I'm married to you," rushes over me.

I had a moment like that a couple weeks ago I was able to sit in on a training event that he did for some other church planters. I sat there with my journal open taking notes as fast as I could, just amazed at the wisdom God has given him. Andy is at his finest in settings like this. I never face a leadership decision that I don't run by Andy to get his perspective.

I had another one of those moments the other night when he was playing with our boys after dinner. Now that I have 2 Littles to engage with all day, I gladly sign up for kitchen clean-up duty while Andy plays with the kiddos. Dishes have never looked so good to me. :-)

There are nights that Andy, like any other person, comes home so exhausted and brain dead that he can hardly put two coherent thoughts together. We typically do "Family Movie Night" on those days.

But on this particular day he was so full of life that I was laughing hysterically at him while I washed dishes. The boys kept shooting him with their play rifle and every time they would shoot him, Andy would turn into a different character. Weeping man, snorting pig, hysterically laughing man, kung fu man, angry man... It was so funny. The other thing that he does with the boys that cracks me up is that he pretends that his Super Power is to shoot lasers/bullets from his nipples! Even typing that makes me laugh out loud.

Every married person out there has a spouse that is "at his/her best" in some particular setting. It looks different from one spouse to another and it is incredibly cruel and unfair to compare. What we should do, however, is look for opportunities to catch our spouse at their best...To step back and admire them as they thrive...To tell them how thankful we are for the strengths that God has given them...And to let them know that, somehow, it makes US feel more alive when we see them fully alive.

What is one thing about your spouse that makes you think, "Man, I'm so glad I'm married to you!"?

(By the way, these photos were taken by Ashley Slater who recently moved to Michigan. So all of our Michigan family/friends, check her out. She is amazing!)

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Emily said...

SUCH a cute post :)

I feel this way when I am working in the kitchen and I can hear Steve in the garage with Syd explaining to her about all of the different tools he uses and what they are for. How many 2 year old girls know exactly what to do with a screwdriver and a tape measure?

Anytime Steve is in a situation where there's hard physical work that needs to be done (the kind that a lot of people run from), he will work tirelessly and follow through to the end, no matter how difficult the project is. There is not one lazy bone in the man's body :)

Oh, and one more I have to mention...when there is someone we know is struggling financially, I have seen my husband go out of his way to help them time and time again. He never takes a second thought at doing this, and never expects repayment. Love, love, LOVE this about him.

Oh wow, I need to write my own post about this apparently... :)