Friday, September 5, 2008

The Case of the Missing Cell Phone, July 28, 08

My cell phone is missing and, I'm sorry to say, this is notthe first time this has ever happened to me (this year!). This time the phone was lost in that period of time when we were relocating every 24 hours. Somewhere between Gainesville, FL and Columbia, SC my cell phone went to the place that all missing cell phones get together to mock their previous owners. Can't you just hear your cell phone taunting you as you bend upside down to search under the seats in the car, search through your suitcases ONE MORE time, clean out your purse again and again, and take the skin off our knuckles trying to see if it could have possibly fallen between the cracks of the furniture?!

You would think I'd learn! The last time I lost my cell phone (and all of my contact information) I told myself that I should back up my next cell phone somehow so I wouldn't be in this predicament again. Did I? Of course not! Three cell phones ago (less than 2 years ago) I had a flip phone and the top piece one day just flipped all the way off! Imagine that. I took my two-part cell phone to the ever-so-helpful guy at AT&T and he compassionately said, "Wow, I've never seen that before." Yeah right. That means you probably just got that job two days ago! Since I was in the middle of my contract I was not eligible for a free upgrade, so I just bought one of those pay-as-you-go phones for $30. I promise you, all those phones have the capability of doing are sending and receiving phone calls, and that only if you're in a area with really good reception! If you get more than 20 text messages, your phone runs out of memory! I'm not kidding.

Well, Andy, Caedmon & I went to a conference in NYC just two weeks after I got that phone and, wouldn't you know, I lost it somewhere in the Big Apple. So, we bought another $30 pay-as-you-go phone. This phone got progressively worse over time and I had to hold the receiver very tightly to my ear or I could not hear the other person talking. A year or so passed as I patiently endured the functionless cell phone and all the while Andy's over there dinking away on his PDA. Then, one night Andy and I went to see a movie and the next day I couldn't find my phone. That was convenient for me, minus the loss of contacts, because I was now eligible for an upgrade on my phone!

I was so happy with my new phone. It wasn't too special. No full size keyboard or the ability to check the status of my 401-K as I wait to board an airplane. But it worked for me. It had a camera, which is really all I care about so that I can take pictures of Caedmon when my real camera is not handy. Guess what, two days later, I found my $30 phone! It was in a jacket that I never wear but had worn that night Andy and I went to the movies! OH WELL! I'm keeping the phone!

Two weeks later, Andy accidentally left his PDA at the self-check out at Home Depot. He realized it when he got to the car and ran back inside to get it, but someone had already swiped it. So, guess who started using my old $30 phone! Quite the adjustment from a PDA, huh Babe? Finally Andy's birthday rolled around and so he was able to buy the newly release i-Phone with his birthday money. We were both quite happy with our technological situation. Until now... Ah man, I REALLY don't want to have to reconnect that stupid $30 phone that is currently sitting on top of the TV. But, if you've been trying to call me and I've not returned your calls, please don't get frustrated with me. Just feel sorry for me. I've got issues!

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