Friday, September 5, 2008

Funny things that Caedmon says... August 26, 2008

Caedmon's language has developed exponentially over the course of the summer. Here are some things he's saying...

"May-men" (his attempt at saying Caedmon)

"I'll hold you." (when he wants to be picked up)

"Ouch, Charlie! Bite it." (have you seen this You-Tube video? Evidently Caedmon has!)

When he wants something, particularly when he wants something to eat, he holds up one finger and says, "Want one grape." "Want one yogurt."

"'sup G?" (taught to him courtesy of Andy's brothers)

"Ain-ain" (raisins...I have no idea)

"bears" (Teddy Grahams)

"choo-choo" (could be referring to a train or have to listen for context)

"I" plus any verb. (i.e. "I helping" "I climbing" "I walking")

"Mudder Juice" (Mother Goose)

"eyes" (sunglasses)

Can't quite get the 'p' sound so "heaches" mean peaches and "Hops" means Pops (my dad's grandpa name)

My favorite is "I love you" which, for whatever reason, he always says in a falsetto voice. What a funny kid!

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