Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Fun Fridays, March 22

Fridays are Andy's day off, so we always try to do something fun together as a family. Well, our family fun day started off with a bang yesterday when I went in to get Caedmon out of bed and found him in only his pajama shirt! At some point during the night he had managed to take off his pants AND diaper! Actually, he couldn't get his pants quite off so they were inverted and just dangling from his ankles. What a way to kick off the day. Everything in his bed was soaked...his sheet, mattress pad, blankie, teddy bear, pajamas, and, of course, he was too. So Caedmon went straight from the bed to the bath tub and all of his bedding went in the washing machine.

After we cleaned up from breakfast, we were trying to get out the door to take Caedmon to the Trinity River Park. Caedmon had been playing in his room and when I went to get him I realized that he had pooped. So we began the clean-up process, but when I took his pants off I realized that he must have been sitting in it for a while because it had squished out all over his legs and onsie! Mmmmm... That necesitated starting another load of laundry before leaving the house!

We played at the park a while (Andy always seems to have at least as much fun as Caedmon) and then we headed downtown Fort Worth to have lunch at UNO's. As I was getting out of the car I noticed something on my jeans. Yep, poop from earlier this morning!

After Caedmon's nap we went to Plato's Closet. I noticed that Caedmon smelled a little like throw-up and I kept looking for signs of it on his clothes. I couldn't find anything so we just kept shopping. The smell got worse and worse until I noticed different people all over the store saying to their friends, "Do you smell that?" and "Yeah, it really does smell like puke!" I could hardly keep from laughing when I noticed one of the employees get out some air freshener and start spraying it around the store! The whole time I knew that if I would just remove my child from the premises, the air would clear...I hope no one else realized that, too! Finally I saw that it was not actually throw-up, but yet another poopy diaper that was the cause of all the camotion. So, Caedmon and I descreetly excused ourselves while Andy checked out.

It never ceases to amaze me how much of my life revolves around Caedmon's bodily functions!

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Koleta Hatfield said...


I just finished reading your blog from beginning to end. Through all the pages, I feel like I know and love your beautiful family. You have been such an encouragement to me.

My husband and I went to Southwestern & we've been living in working in Ethiopia the past 7 years.

This fall, I've noticed that I was overwhelmed and a bit discouraged. I prayed that God would give me some encouragement. He definitely did that through your blog. I feel so much more encouraged in my marriage, in motherhood and our ministry. I've literally cut and pasted 30 or 40 pages of stuff off your website (things I want to remember, implement in our home, etc.) and put it into a document so I can look back at it and try it out.

I just want to thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts for the rest of the world to read. I can't tell you how meaningful they have been for me.

Thank you so much!

Koleta Hatfield