Friday, September 5, 2008

"Pway" April 28, 08

This week I have been consumed with packing up our house as we prepare to move to California. We actually won't be getting to California until August, but we were supposed to close on our house on Wednesday so we scheduled to move out on Tuesday (tomorrow). I say that we 'were supposed' to close on Wednesday because the closing got postponed due to some problems the buyers were having with the loan. Anyway, we are up to our ears in boxes and living like we're on a camping trip, disposable plates and all!

The great thing about having a child, though, is that he forces me to take breaks. "Pway, mama, pway!" I am the type of person that could work from sun up to sun down on a project without taking any extended breaks. I tend to be extremely task oriented, especially when I'm on a time line. But, my little man needs a "pwaymate" and so even in the midst of chaos I find myself reading Dr. Seuss books, playing trucks, and going for walks. It's good for me!

I hear the word "pway" all day long as Caedmon goes from toy to toy inviting me to play with him. The other night as I was putting him to bed he began saying it again. "Pway, pway, pway." I almost said, "No, Caedmon, it's not time to play. It's time to go to sleep." But then I looked at him and he had his hands folded. He was reminding me to "Pray". Two great reminders from a one and a half year old...everyone needs to play, and everyone needs to pray!

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