Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Time, June 13, 2008

Andy has been very intentional about investing in our relationship this summer. It's so easy to neglect prioritizing time with each other, especially when things get busy. Going a week or two without a lot of "face time" may not seem to effect the relationship a lot. But it slowly takes a toll on communication and enjoyment of the relationship all together. This summer we want to take full advantage of the extra time and free babysitting that is available to us! So we are trying to get in a date night each week and this week we actually had two dates!

Last night we went on a date to Outback, which is one of our all time favorites! (We're both big fans of red meat! Mmmmm!) My mom and dad took care of Caedmon and I always love to come home to hear my mom's report of the evening. It always starts off with something like this: (imagine a sweet Southern accent) "Well, I tell you what, you just must have the sweetest baby in the whole world. He was a precious angel..." and then she proceeds to tell me everything that they did! The comments always make me smile for two reasons. 1- I definitely know that I do NOT have the sweetest baby in the whole world. 2- I always like it when someone thinks that I do.

Today Andy offered to keep Caedmon so my mom and I could have a lunch date! (I know, I know, I'm really getting spoiled) It was such a special treat, especially since, in the words of my husband, my mom has to be one of the most consistently pleasant people to be around that you'll ever meet. Andy and Caedmon enjoyed a picnic at the park and my mom and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Travinia's (a little Italian restaurant). It has been such a gift from God to have this time with my family this summer. Caedmon is really getting to know and love my family. That's important to me because I love my family so dearly and I really want my kids to know what a wonderful family I have. We may never have another season of life with this much extended time together, so I want to treasure every minute!

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