Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caedmon!!

Yesterday was Caedmon's 2nd birthday, so now we are the proud owners of a 5-foot slide and a pop-up tent that are currently taking up all the space in our living room! Here's a glimpse of our day...

Lunch and games at Chuck-E-Cheese

A million dollar smile

Prizes! (actually junk that he'll never play with and I'll end up just throwing away)

Uncle Archie on the grill....Mmmmm

Don't those look fun?!

Presents! Presents!

Caedmon's first "bike"


Caedmon getting brave with the slide!

Night, night to my baby dinosaur

1 comment:

Karis said...

How cute!!!! Shame on Miss Karis who forgot to say Happy Birthday to my dear Caedo!