Friday, September 5, 2008

Found my phone; misplaced Caedmon! July 31, 08

The case of the missing cell phone has been solved! I found it in the cup holder pocket on my backpack which had been sitting right beside me for days, even as I wrote the post about how it was missing. I'm surprised I couldn't hear it laughing at me! Oh well, I'm just thankful the prodigal cell phone is home.

Today was a very busy day. I had several errands to run before we leave town tomorrow for 9 days. So Caedmon and I were on the go all morning. After getting him down for a nap, Andy and I had a meeting with the missions team from Northside Baptist regarding their partnership with South Bay. Afterwards, Andy dropped me off at the house and he went up to Atlanta Bread to get some work done.

I had been commissioned with the task of securing our hotel room for this weekend, but I also needed to wash clothes and cook dinner. All of those tasks are somewhat difficult to do with a two year old in tow so I was trying to get as much done as I could before he woke up. I'll spare you all the details, but let's just say that when Caedmon woke up I had not yet secured the hotel reservation, dinner was not finished, and the clothes were washed, but not folded. That made for a very chaotic afternoon.

Andy got home around 4:30 and took over the hotel fiasco and ended up spending over an hour trying to get something worked out! All the while my grandmother and I are in the kitchen trying to finish up dinner and wash up all the pots and pans. My parents were glued to their computers today trying to finalize everything for a training event their doing. And Caedmon, well, where is Caedmon?

I noticed that he had gone upstairs and had just assumed that he had gone in CC's (my mom) office. But then CC yelled something down to me and I said, "Is Caedmon up there with you?"



Two seconds later CC says, "I found him!"

Caedmon was sopping wet playing with all of his bath toys IN THE TOILET! Nice. Proverb of the day: He who leaves a two year old unattended will have very big messes to clean.

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